Graphic Design and Commercial Illustration

A selection of Graphic design/layout samples-

Ironwood Rainworks Inc -
Graphic Design/Marketing Campaign for contemporary acoustic rock act-
-Corporate Branding, ID and logo design:

This branding has been effectively reproduced in a wide variety media and formats, including digital print/offset printing/silkscreen/embroidery, and implemented on everything from letterhead/business cards/flyers/postcards/promotional posters, to signage/banners, to merchandise including t-shirts/hats/lighters/IR umbrellas and even pirate eyepatches.

-CD/Album Design and Illustration:
Debut CD, TRIO:
CD front Cover:

6-panel insert outside and inside:

Follow-up CD, Burn the Ships:

CD front cover:

6-panel insert, outside and inside:

-Ironwood Rain Merchandise:

Souvenir collector's posters:

T-shirt design:

Promotional/advertising posters:

All Ironwood Rain products include layout, design and illustration of all graphic elements including logo design, title design, cover illustration, border treatments, and background illustrations. Also includes importing and formatting of photographs and text.
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Book cover illustration and design for author Jeane Rhodes, PhD:
Front cover:

Full spread, front and back cover:

Includes layout and design, cover illustration and typography, importing and formatting of illustration and text.
Cover illustration was done in Prismacolor on Strathmore 400 series paper.
Layout and design used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Portrait Gallery

Colored Pencil:






Editorial Illustration Gallery

Traditional Media Illustration, layout in Adobe InDesign:

Adobe Illlustrator/Freehand/Photoshop:

Combination Traditional Watercolor/Photoshop:

Adobe Illustrator:
Cover Illustration from a series of Childrens' Stories

Fine Art Gallery



Collection, Sea World Aviculture Department

Collection of Mr. Robert Weber


Collection, Gage Academy

Private collection

Private collection

Colored Pencil:

Collection of Lev and Linda Ropes